For foreign visitors

First, welcome to our blog, Far beyond Sanity or, as it is commonly called, tecbelico.

Our readers are mostly from Brazil, so they speak Portuguese and as our target demographic group, we too mostly write in Portuguese, a language which we deeply know how to use and cause the appropriate effects, like irony or sarcasm, even if some here are quite good in Russian, French, Spanish or others.

But maybe it’s time to start publishing content in English (as Marco already did one time, in “Ignorance is a bliss”, now only on his personal blog, “É o vento, e nada mais” (which translates as “’Tis the wind and nothing more”, a line from Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven”)), but this brings another problem: How our English-speaking readers will find our posts that they can understand?

Every post written in English now will be put in the category “English”, making the search for them very easy, although the quality may be still low, primarily because it isn’t our native language.

Again, welcome to all.

PS: Maybe if we start writing in other languages, this page will be updated with a “Welcome message” in those languages.


2 Responses to For foreign visitors

  1. olá eu sou o bruno -leiria-portugal viva as tribos de africa e com ela a sua plena magia por um mundo melhor ,,, Não me deixes saber quando sou visivel dança pelo fogo mas nao me alimentes de mentiras

  2. pretzelboy disse:

    I don’t know Portuguese, so I’ll have to use English. I saw the post on research about asexuality and that cites my blog. A longer bibliography is now available at

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