Self-induced caffeine quixotesque delirium

25 janeiro, 2009

Is there a word for going to you traditional place,
order your favorite dish,
receive a different one
and like it better?

Is there a word for leaving all that you have behind
for a journey with a stranger,
which ends up being a scam?

Is there a word for the situation where
you are sure that everything will go wrong,
but everything happens in the opposite way,
although you don’t notice it?

Is there a word for being stalked three hours
by someone who ends up being a childhood friend?

Is there a word for the feeling of having nostalgia
of a past love and searching for it every day,
until discovering that it didn’t exist?

Is there a word for caring,
worrying for a person,
doing everything while
thinking about this person,
during all your life,
without ever imagining that could be
while this isn’t reciprocal?


Homenagem à Sandman, pela inspiração.
Ódio ao, por matar a formatação.