Self-induced caffeine quixotesque delirium

25 janeiro, 2009

Is there a word for going to you traditional place,
order your favorite dish,
receive a different one
and like it better?

Is there a word for leaving all that you have behind
for a journey with a stranger,
which ends up being a scam?

Is there a word for the situation where
you are sure that everything will go wrong,
but everything happens in the opposite way,
although you don’t notice it?

Is there a word for being stalked three hours
by someone who ends up being a childhood friend?

Is there a word for the feeling of having nostalgia
of a past love and searching for it every day,
until discovering that it didn’t exist?

Is there a word for caring,
worrying for a person,
doing everything while
thinking about this person,
during all your life,
without ever imagining that could be
while this isn’t reciprocal?


Homenagem à Sandman, pela inspiração.
Ódio ao, por matar a formatação.



24 janeiro, 2009

Any sense of precision
lost between the days
lost within the life
couldn’t be important, no.

Why would you have a vision?
Why see through the maze?
You just need a lie
and faith to follow the flow.

One day, we’ll understand
everything but it will
be only for one day.

After this, no memories
will exist, nothing more.
Or that was the meaning?

Quem tem medo é você

19 novembro, 2008

É uma noite
como todas as outras noites
de inverno
de recordação
de que senão
Ei, amigo, acorde. O mundo já passou.
Pegue seu cigarro
seu vício
seu vivo
É hora de partir.

O mundo é mágico, meu chapa.